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Thanks for the immense enthusiasm at the National Hardware Show and on social media. SmartSquare was selected 3 times as a favorite tool of the show by social media influencers and we entertained ~1,000 people at our small booth. We have since received several millions of views of our videos. Amazing.

We're convinced more than ever that SmartSquare is the future of craftsman squares. The appetite is huge.


SmartSquare will launch July of 2023. To be informed when SmartSquare is available, give us your email below.

If you would like to be in touch about bulk orders or distribution, please reach out to us at

Find us on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. We intend to be more active on social media. Please be in touch via email if you want to review our tool or talk to us.


SmartSquare is the next step in the evolution of the rafter square, which has been a staple in the bag of carpenters for more than a century.

Stacked with simple yet work-altering features, this advanced tool is fast and precise, but also ergonomic.

The patented folding fence switches from 90 to 180 degrees in less than a second, making flat-surface jobs simple and accurate.

An added jig block means efficiency: craft stairs and rafters without the need for clutter.


We never forget the basics. With durable ¼ inch aluminum and uncompromisingly precise markings, SmartSquare exceeds the industry standards and is made in the USA.

In short, this is the carpenter square we wish had existed during our 40 years in the trade. Many others agree.

Want to join us in shaping the future of carpentry? We’d love to talk:

business [at]


This is our latest version of SmartSquare as of January 20, 2023. We intend to offer multiple colors. The black anodize with laser etching turned out pretty good.


We hope to have SmartSquare for sale July 1. If you would like us to notify you when they are available, please provide an email address below.

Thanks for submitting! We'll be in touch soon about SmartSquare availability.

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